Written Testimonials

“I am so grateful that I was introduced to you. Your expertise and talent helped me to achieve my goal -running the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in 1 day! The Grand Canyon was amazing, inspiring, beautiful and daunting all at once! My problem with my achilles, calf and knee didn’t bother me at all after you triggered me. With much appreciation and gratitude…”

Dr. T.K.

“I have grown accustom to my body always hurting from years of sports, injuries and surgeries. But this year my chronic pain went from an annoyance to something unbearable. I could hardly pick things up off the floor without excruciating lowback pain, and developed a stiffness in my neck that wouldn’t allow me to fully turn to my right. I felt like an old man who could hardly move and was only 30! I was terrified of how limited my movement was becoming and nothing seemed to help. Surgeons had already botched my left shoulder leaving that arm with limited range of motion. Chiropractors only offer momentary relief. Acupuncture did nothing at all. And no amount of stretching seemed to make the slightest difference. Then when my fear and pain were at its worst a coworker mentioned I speak with Joy Danley. Easily one of the best decisions of my life! Within minutes of meeting I was in awe of her talents. She pointed out muscle imbalances that no other “expert” had found simply by watching the way I carried myself during our conversation. Now two sessions later my neck stiffness is gone, my lowback pain which I’ve had for years is more than 70% gone, and my left arm has more range of motion than doctors ever said would be possible! Her talents have not only relieved my pain and taught me how to take preventive care of my body, but most importantly Joy has given me the hope again that I can continue to be active for years to come. I can’t say enough positive things about Joy and have already recommended her to all my friends and family!”

“In March of 2017 I began I having terrible pain shooting down my arm. I tried powering through, continuing with my workouts, weight training, and dance. Then it grew worse. Soon I was in such pain and could not sleep, barely move, or even work  as a teacher. I started taking mega-doses of ibuprofen but now had stomach aches along with the excruciating pain across my shoulders and down my arms.  Soon I was diagnosed with a  herniated disc in c7 and had lost 30% of the strength in my left hand. My doctor advised rest, drug therapy, and perhaps surgery.  Then I met Joy. She took one look at me and told me that she could help me. Doubtful at first I went to an appointment or she would do trigger point therapy on me. Immediately upon leaving her office I felt better. I could walk  without shooting pains. The following week she worked on my opposite side before showing some trigger massages I could do at home. Soon, all of my muscle relaxants and ibuprofen were sitting untouched on the shelf. Why? Because I didn’t need them anymore. By doing the trigger point massage I was eliminating pain.  I then went to one of her  workshops where she taught us how to massage our own trigger points with a hard rubber ball and PVC pipe. Now, I started trigger rolling daily.
Fast-forward two months. I no longer take ibuprofen or any other pain medications. I went back to work, even finished the school year choreographing an adorable rendition of Men in Black. My hand’s strength is up to 95% and I am back to doing all the things I love to do. Best of all, it was without surgery or drugs.  Thank you Joy, for giving me my life back.”
Laurie Woodwar, 5th Grade Teacher
“In 2012, I had a traumatic bicycle accident which resulted in breaking my jaw in multiple places, jaw wired shut for many months and a head injury. I recovered over the years, but the trauma resulted in chronic pain to the jaw and neck ever since. I tried many things for the pain – I followed up closely with my oral maxillofacial surgeon and found that the bones had healed really well – no clear case for my ongoing pain. I worked constantly with my general dentist in hopes of decreasing the severe flare-ups of pain I was experiencing but still no luck in feeling better. I tried massage, eletro-stimulation, acupuncture, pain medications, and “just dealing with it”; but, with the pain so severe I needed relief. I was recommended to see Joy Danley as a “trigger therapist who works miracles”. I was so desperate I needed to try something else, so I went to see Joy. After only a few session with her teaching me chronic musculoskeletal pain, the importance of lengthening muscles / tendons, trigger therapy, and techniques to trigger on my own – my pain is 98% better, off medications and back on my bicycle. She truly is a miracle worker for me. What I appreciate about her most is that she teaches YOU how to help yourself along with her helping guiding you along the way. She was knowledgeable, professional, and has so much to offer to the people who suffer from chronic pain. She not only worked on my jaw / neck but also helped me as an athlete since I, like many others, run have issues with tight muscles throughout the entire body – she is a true miracle worker and a gift to the community.”
Jessica M. , Registered Nurse / Nurse Practitioner
“Diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I have been prescribed: orthotics, leg braces, very painful cortisone injections in my heels, and physical therapy. None of these treatments improved my painful condition other than on a very limited basis. I am so thankful that I met Joy, and began trigger point massage. I am now back to running 5K’s! I can go weeks without pain in my free. If it begins to flare up, I now know how to treat it. I really appreciate that Joy teaches us how to do the triggering on our own. I highly recommend Joy’s Trigger Point Therapy, her skill and the knowledge that she passed on to me has saved me from having surgery on my feet”
Dawn Hanna-Coles
“Before trigger point there was chiropractic and traction for my back. Physical therapy for pain in my legs and hips. I tried muscle relaxants. No good. Did I mention I ride horses 4 days/wk. I hear about Joy Danley and without hesitation I call her. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. Thank you Joy.”
Marcia Baskin
“In 1996 I suffered 2 ruptured disks in my back and had to have the vertebrates fused. I still had nerve damage after the surgery on my left side. Through rehabilitation I was able to recover , but my symmetry was off and I suffered joint damage including severe arthritis in my knees , back , and shoulder. My knees have 100% cartilage loss in some areas and my right shoulder has a torn labrum , rotator cuff , and bicep tendon. But thanks to Trigger Point therapy that Joy specializes in I am pain free (haven’t taken a NSAID in more than 2 years) and have returned to the activities that I enjoy . Trigger Point is truly a game changer but don’t be fooled by what chiropractors and PTs pass off as Trigger Point . Joy helps you find the hot zones and will show you how to treat the areas by yourself in the future. It’s like having instant relief when and where ever you need it. So get off the NSAIDs and don’t have surgery until you give this a try it will truly change your life.”
Mark Perry, Age 58, Nuclear Chemist
“Joy is an amazing healer and a true blessing to her clients. When I met Joy three years ago, I was dealing with a painful neck injury. Some days I couldn’t even look up. I had been through physical therapy, loads of Advil and even Vicodin. When Joy triggered my neck, I was so surprised. What I didn’t realize is that I actually needed to open up my chest in order to heal my neck and back. It was the opposite of what I had been doing! After just two sessions, I was 100%. Since then, I have been training regularly with Joy and I feel healthy and strong. Whenever I have an issue, Joy is able to trigger it out of me in one session. She has helped me with my knee, my hip and even a recent case of whiplash. I am so thankful to have Joy in my life. Her trigger therapy is an awesome gift.”
Lucy Duni
“Implementation of Joy’s Roller Point Therapy and ‘heal yourself’ techniques has allowed me to play in tournaments at a higher physical level…”
Brand Fleisch, Professional Golfers Association
“After 32 sessions of physical therapy, 15 of acupuncture, 5 of chiropractor and an epidural that didn’t work, I found Joy and her trigger-point therapy. What a blessing! Finally, after a year of constant pain due to injuries sustained in a car accident, I found something that worked! The relief that comes after a session is unimaginable. I am only half-way through, but with Joy’s help, I know I will reach my goal of no more pain and get my life back. I highly recommend her.”

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